Apprentice at Google? What? How?


I guess your wondering how I landed a job at Google as an Apprentice huh?

Well it’s pretty simple… I applied. To find out how I did it, continue reading the really inspirational story below.

It all started on a rainy day… dum dum dummm

I was on my laptop scrolling through Facebook, you know… just browsing and stuff, when suddenly I saw an Ad (posted by the social media monkeys Agilisys Arch Team) which basically said ‘Google is now looking for 10 Digital Marketing Apprentices! Click here to apply’. So I did what it told me to do, I applied.

It was that easy, well… after successfully passing a trillion interview stages I became a Google Apprentice!

The end to a super inspirational story you were hoping was going to give you advice on how to land a job at Google.

P.S. – I’m Tatiana, I’m 19 and I will be updating you every week with saucy bits and bobs on Digital Marketing and Social Media at Google (doesn’t sound very saucy does it, sounds more like a veggie soup).

Don’t forget this is a Digital Marketing/Social Media blog, so throughout this mystical journey at Mount Google I will provide you with the knowledge that I acquire.